Can I use my own PBX with ezytel? The short answer is, if your PBX is SIP-enabled, then yes, we can help!One of the great features... How do I setup Voicemail? By default, voicemail will be automatically enabled for you on extension you create in your new... How do I setup my VoIP Devices? You should read our step-by-step Setup Guides to learn how to set up some of the major devices... How long before I can use my account? The ezytel account setup process is completely automatic, and happens within seconds of your... How reliable is VoIP? The simple answer is ... much, MUCH more reliable than it used to be, and with ezytel... How secure is your service? Our website uses high grade SSL encryption verified by our SSl certificate from GeoTrust.We use... I didn't receive my activation emails. Can you help? If you haven't received your activation and access emails after signing up, please login to the... My software phone won't connect. Can you help?   In most cases, softphones like X-Lite etc require that the port number be included at the... What are Concurrent Calls? Unlike every other VoIP provider in Australia, here at ezytel, we don't work on the basis of "one... What are the minimum requirements to use VoIP? You will need a broadband ADSL connection with a minimum speed of 256/64. However, the faster... What do I need to get started? Your broadband needs to meet the minimum requirements as stated in the previous FAQ above, and... What is VoIP? VoIP is an acronym describing voice communications over the internet. VoIP stands for Voice over... What is a DiD?   A Direct InDial number, more commonly called a DiD, is one that exists on the Public... What is an Extension? An extension is the number your IP handset is assigned when it registers or logs onto the ezytel... Which DiD locations are available?   ezytel can provide Direct InDial numbers, or DiDs, for most exchange locations in... Which codecs do you allow?   Firstly, a codec is an "encoder/decoder", hence the term codec. This is the software used... Why should I use ezytel? YOU WILL SAVE MONEY every time you need to use the phone. YOU WILL SAVE on average, at least...
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ezyexchange  hosted microsoft exchange
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ezy365  microsoft 365 licensing
ezywebhosting  enterprise web hosting
ezyssl  build trust, secure your brand
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