.au Change of Registrant
Once-off Charge

A registrant name change is the process of transferring the ownership of a domain name ending in .au from one party to another. A transfer of ownership involves complete re-registration of the domain for 2 years with the receiving entity, who will need to meet the eligibility requirements to hold the registration of the domain.

The following requirements must be met to successfully complete the Registrant name change:

  • The domain name is under the management of ezycloud | powered by Digital Hybrid

  • The domain name is correctly spelt

  • The current registrant contact details for the domain name are valid and accessible*

  • The domain's Authcode, otherwise known as the EPP Key or Domain password^

* A confirmation request will be sent to the current registrant contact. Perform a whois search if this is not known.

^ You can recover your Authcode (EPP Key / Domain Password) by logging into your Client Zone account HERE or you can also use the .au Recover Domain Password and Expiry Date form HERE to have it sent to the currently listed Registrant's email address.