Why should I use ezytel?

  • YOU WILL SAVE MONEY every time you need to use the phone.

  • YOU WILL SAVE on average, at least 40% on your first and every subsequent bill when you switch from a traditional landline account with one of Australia's big telcos to ezytel. Now that's a chunk of change!

  • AN "ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES" PBX for your business at a fraction of what the "big boys" would charge; that’s what you’ll get with an ezytel hosted ezyPBX solution. And best of all, you won’t have to buy super-expensive equipment to make it work. Using IP phones, you’ll hook into our server-based PBX and we’ll do all the rest for you.

  • FLAT RATE, UNTIMED LANDLINE CALLS to anywhere in Australia for just 12 cents!

  • NO FLAGFALL, PER SECOND MOBILE CALLS to any Australian mobile number and all for as little as 18c a minute, depending on your chosen plan. And being charged “per second”, you only pay what you use. The days of 30 and 60 second charging blocks are gone!

  • NO CONTRACTS, NO LONG TERM COMMITMENTS, no minimum call spend, and no minimum stay. ezytel has the solutions you need to save you money, give you back your freedom of choice, and to move you into the 21st century of tel.

  • OUTSTANDING DIGITAL CALL QUALITY generally better than a landline.