How reliable is VoIP?

The simple answer is ... much, MUCH more reliable than it used to be, and with ezytel state-of-the-art systems, you'll find it to be as reliable as a service with any of the big Telcos.

However, to be more specific, the reliability and quality of each call you make or receive can depend on a wide range of factors.

The key link in the chain is the quality of the Internet connection between your VoIP phone and the ezytel gateway.

If your ISP is experiencing problems or your Internet connection has been choked or "shaped" from you exceeding your quota, then your call quality may well be affected.

Occassionally ezytel will perform off-peak maintenance and/or software upgrades to our servers. These will always be done in the early hours of the morning to minimise any downtime to your service. During these times, your service will most likely be offline for a very short time during the maintenance window. However, you'll generally be notified at least 24 hours before any maintenance to our systems occurs, unless it is emergency maintenance, which is extremely rare.

One HUGE plus to note about ezytel is that we are the only VoIP provider in Australia to run our system in what's called a High-Availability Array.

In other words, we never use standalone servers. Everyone one of our servers runs in tandem pairs, connected by a system called Hearbeat. And yes, we know what you're thinking, and you're right!

Our systems lierally monitor each other, just like an ECG machine does with a patient in a hospital. If the "heartbeat" of the primary server node stops for any reason, the secondary node initiates a "failover", making itself the primary server node, and within 30 seconds our systems are live and fully operational again.

And while you're VoIP service is now live on the new primary server node, we can perform maintenance on the server that's just experienced the failure ... and all that with almost no downtime whatsoever.

So, how reliable is VoIP? With ezytel, it's more reliable than ever!