Outlook - Fix your Password not being Remembered


If Outlook keeps asking for your password every time your restart the program, or intermittently while using Outlook, do the following to attempt to fix the issue:


Close Outlook before taking any of the steps that follow

Open your Windows Control Panel

On Windows 7/8/8.1/10: start the Credential Manager > Windows Credentials

On Windows XP: open User Settings > Windows Credentials

Remove any entries related to EXCHANGESERVER or exchangeserver. Look for entries such as:


  • EXCHANGESERVER\your@emailaddress.com.au
  • mail.exchangeserver.net.au
  • webmail.exchangeserver.net.au
  • webmail.yourdomain.com.au


Restart Outlook, re-enter your credentials, tick Remember my credentials and click OK

The next time you start Outlook, your password will be saved and you should not be asked for it again.

However, if that fails, your Outlook profile may have grown corrupt and may need to be recreated.