MX records (mandatory)


Note: MX or Mail Exchanger records are necessary to tell the Internet where mail for your domain name should be delivered. Without MX records in place, mail to your domain will disappear into the ether. With incorrect MX records in place, mail will delivered to the wrong location and will bounce.


  • Update your domain's DNS Zone MX records to:    3600    IN    MX    10    3600    IN    MX    10

  • Depending on the DNS system being used, be sure to include the trailing dots (.), otherwise the records may be malformed and may fail. However, if you're using our DNS Manager, follow the instructions there, because trailing dots and quotations marks are not necessary.


Note: Due to the nature of DNS, your updated MX records may take up to 72 hours to propagate.


IMPORTANT: Having these DNS records in place are mandatory. We cannot support you if you do not have these DNS records in place.