OWA "own domain" address record


Note: This CNAME record will enable you to browse to the Outlook Web App (OWA) using your own domain, eg, webmail.yourdomain.com.au


  • Log into your DNS control panel. This will most likely be where you host your primary website and domain.

  • Create a CNAME record called webmail.yourdomain.com that points to owaredirect.exchangeserver.net.au.

    webmail    3600    IN    CNAME    owaredirect.exchangeserver.net.au.

  • Depending on the DNS system being used, be sure to include the trailing dots (.), otherwise the records may be malformed and may fail. However, if you're using our DNS Manager, follow the instructions there, because trailing dots and quotations marks are not necessary.


Note: Due to the nature of DNS, your updated CNAME record may take up to 72 hours to propagate.


IMPORTANT: This DNS record is optional, but it is advisable you have it in place.