Voice Extension - Creating a Standard Voice Extension


You must have an ezytel service with at least one additional available voice extension that can used for the creation of this extension type.



  1. Log into the ezytel control panel either using your credentials, or using the Quick Login button from the Client Zone.

  2. Click Add Extension

  3. Give the extension any 3 digit number you like (except 000 which is disallowed for obvious reasons).

  4. Fill in all the requested details being sure to add an email address in particular. Without an email address added at this point, the voice cluster will have no way of sending the extension owner any alerts. In the case of a Ring Group extension, you might select an address such as info@, admin@ or similar.

  5. Important: You must select Phone terminal as the Extension type.

  6. Tick Choose extension roles and phone numbers and click OK.

  7. On the next screen, under the Permissions section, be sure to tick Extension is multi user aware, otherwise this extension will be isolated from all others in your ezypbx and will not function as normal.

  8. Under the Limits section, set both Maximum disk space for sound files and Maximum disk space for music on hold files at 20Mb. Because of the codec we use to encode all sound files, 20Mb will be more than ample.

  9. Under the Incoming Phone Number Selection section, assign a public phone number (DiD) to this extension.Click a number from the left-hand box, and when it is in the right-hand box, it has been assigned to your extension.

  10. Tick Select extension type parameters and click OK.

  11. On the next screen, tick Send public CallerID on internal calls, Preserve original CallerID on transferred calls and Send SIP P-Asserted-Identity header.

  12. Be sure to tick Call waiting active.

  13. Tick Enable voicemail, set the storage quota to 20Mb, and tick Add extension to company directory.

  14. You can choose to enable Conferencing Calling and configure it to meet your needs.

  15. Leave the Fax Centre feature disabled because you will create a dedicated fax extension using your bonus extension.

  16. Finally, if you choose to enable Call Recording, be sure to enable "Play sound" as it is a legal requirement under Australian Federal communications law that callers are informed they are being recorded and given the option to end the call of request that the recording be disabled. If you intend using call recording in legal proceedings, their use as evidence would be nullified without this feature enabled.

  17. Once saved, your Voice extension is now fully operational.

  18. You should also, be sure to add your Voicemail greeting to extension. Go to Mailbox > Manage Greetings. Upload either WAV or MP3 audio files for use with as your Voicemail greeting.