Groundwire App Setup - iPhone / Android


Go to Settings > SIP Accounts > + (plus symbol), and configure the following:


Title: name the account however you prefer

Username: your 8 digit extension number    (NOT your 10 digit phone number)

Password: extension password


Display Name: your name or company name

Incoming Calls (iOS 10 or later): Standard (uses more battery but keeps the app active) or Push Notifications (more energy efficient and allows the app to sleep)

Incoming Calls (iOS 9 or earlier): on with backgrounding


Now go to Advanced Settings and make the following changes:

NAT Traversal: Auto


Codecs for WiFi: Move G729a to the top of the codec stack.   (This codec uses very little bandwidth but delivers outstanding quality. It is a once-off in-app purchase additional to the cost of the app itself, but it is well worth buying.)

Voicemail Number: *95


If you're using iOS 9 or earlier, click Backgrounding Options

Host:    (This setting is optional but advised)

Transport Protocol: tcp

Expires: 120


Press .. Done > Settings > Done

You're now ready to make and receive calls using our service from your iPhone or Android device



A Note for iOS app users

In iOS 9 or earlier, there was an additional VoIP method for backgrounding. However, in iOS 10 and later, Apple has deprecated this feature. Now the only options for receiving calls when the app is not open and in the foreground are Push Notifications and Standard (formerly referred to as Keep Device Awake).

In many cases, Push Notifications will be the way to go. It is far more battery-efficient and the experience is almost identical to receiving calls on the app itself. The Standard method works well and is similar to the original backgrounding option, but will be more demanding on your iPhone's battery.




ezycloud recommends the Groundwire app, but we do not provide it. It must be purchased from the relevant OS app stores. We will provide support related to the suggested settings above as they relate to your ezytel service, but more complex support related specifically to the app's various settings and/or behaviours needs to be sought from Acrobits, the app's developer, at