Extension Involved in a Conversation

All of the following functions apply only to active conversation calls. Note that an extension can only use the call transfer features if it has the "Extension is Multi-user Aware" permission enabled in the ezytel Control Panel.


This guide will provide you with two different ways to transfer calls, depending on your need.



Directly transfer the conversation to an extension number or FORWARD_NUMBER.

When you're involved in a phone conversation, you can dial #1 followed by an extension number, in order to transfer the conversation to a new extension.

As an example, if in a conversation and want to transfer the call to extension number 456 without first placing the call on hold, you would dial #1456.

Note that the call can also be transferred to a number outside our system in the same way, by instead adding the external phone number instead of an extension number.

For example, if you needed to transfer a call to someone with a mobile phone number of 0422123456, you would dial #10422123456.



A second way is to place the caller on hold, then transfer them to an extension number.

Consider this scenario ...

There are two colleagues working in a support team and a call arrives on the extension belonging to colleague number 1.

He's unable to solve the caller's problem, but remembers that colleague number 2 solved a similar problem last week.

If he dials *2 followed by colleague number 2's extension number, the call will be placed on hold; then a new call will be automatically placed to colleague number 2's extension.

Colleague number 2 answers the call and colleague number 1 explains the problem, asks her to take care of it, then hangs up.

Colleague number 2 will then be automatically connected to the call that was placed on hold.

Here's an example ...

You're involved in a phone call and need to transfer it to extension number 789, but you first need to speak to your colleague at extension 789 before they take the transferred call.

To do that, you would dial *2789.

Your call will automatically be placed on hold and the system will place another call to extension 789 allowing you to first speak to the person at that extension.

When you hang up after speaking to them, extension 789 will be automatically connected to your original call.

However, if the person at extension 789 does not answer, the original call will be automatically transferred back to your extension.

Remember, a call can also be transferred to a number outside our system as already detailed above.