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All Voicemail management features are also available in the ezytel Control Panel, in the Mailbox area.



Listen to your Voicemail messages.

If you have Voicemail enabled for your extension, you can dial *95 from your extension phone keypad in order to manage voice mail messages.

You can listen to and delete voice mail messages using the integrated menu. A password is required in order to access the mailbox over the phone.

You can also access your mailbox, if you call your extension number and press * after you hear the Voicemail welcome message.

This is very helpful if you call your extension from another extension or you call your extension public phone number from an external phone number.



Enable/disable Voicemail on your extension.

If you have Voicemail enabled for your extension and you want to disable it, or if it is disabled and you wish to enable it, dial *950 from you extension phone keypad in order to change the status of your Voicemail.



Call directly to the voice mail of an extension.


You can use *95EXTENSION_NUMBER to leave a message to an extension without actually calling that extension.

This feature is useful if you want to leave a voice mail message to an extension without waiting for the Voice mail to automatically enter after a fixed number of seconds.



Transfer an active call to the Voicemail of a particular extension.

You can use #3EXTENSION_NUMBER when an extension receives a call and cannot handle it. The called extension can then transfer the active call directly to the Voicemail of a particular extension where the caller's issue can be addressed.



Interrogate the Company Directory.

If you want to call a person and you do not know his name, dial *22 from your extension and you will be asked for the person’s name.

If the person name can be found in the directory, you will be directed automatically to their extension.

The person you wish to contact can choose to hide from the Company Directory, in which case you will not be able to find them in the directory.

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