Billion BiPac VDSL Modems | ezynbn Settings for FTTN (fibre to the node)



Service Type:   VDSL on PTM Interface

Port:   DSL

Connection Type:   PPPoE

Priority:   0

VLAN ID:   100


Password:   your ezynbn password

Authentication Method:   AUTO

IPv4 Address:   Static   (enter your static IP address in the available field)

Obtain DNS:   Use WAN Interface

Or you can choose to enter manual DNS entries, but this is not necessary. If you decide to do so, enter the following:


IPv6 for this service:   ensure Enable is unticked

MTU:   1492



Please ensure you disable both the SIP ALG and the h.323 ALG because these will cause problems if you're planning to use VoIP.

You will find these settings under Configuration > NAT > ALG.