Black lists allow you to add addresses that should be considered as unwanted by your mailbox.



Username:   User your full email address

Password:   Your mailbox password

Once you're logged in, choose Configuration > Black list.

From the drop-down, choose the address you want to administer. It's important to choose the correct address, otherwise your blacklisting may not work as expected.

You can add individual addresses or wildcard entries such as:   *   or   *@*


Alternatively, if you open a support request providing all of the addresses to be black listed, we can apply black list entries at the top level of your domains, thus effecting all mailboxes and aliases under your specified domain/s.




Because blacklisting is a fine-grained control, all of these adjustments need to be made on each address individually; that is, your primary email address and any alias addresses you might have associated with your mailbox.

You can also safely ignore any non-routable, system-only address presented in the drop-down ending in