Configuring a User's Spam Filter



Username:   User your full email address

Password:   Your mailbox password

Once you're logged in, choose Configuration > Address Settings from the top left hand corner.

From the drop-down, choose the address you want to administer.

There are three options for filtration behaviour:

  1. retain in quarantine
  2. deliver with subject keyword
  3. immediately delete

You must use one of the following three keywords if you select deliver with subject keyword:

  1. ****

On that same page, you'll notice some settings for the frequency of reports. These can be set to suit your needs.

Then you can choose Apply settings to all addresses to set this behaviour against your main address and all aliases associated with your mailbox.

Quarantine Display simply lets you set up how MailCleaner will display things whenever you access the filter's control panel.

White list allows you to add addresses that should be considered as clean and simply passed to your mailbox.

Black list allows you to block specific addresses or domains from which you don't want to receive email.

On this page, you can use individual addresses or wildcard entries such as:



All of these adjustments need to be made on each mailbox and/or email address individually.

NOTE: All of these adjustments need to be made on each address individually.

Alternatively, if you open a support request providing all of the addresses to be either white or black listed, we can apply the entries at the top level, thus effecting all mailboxes and aliases under your specified domain/s.