Install a new SSL Certificate & Intermediate Certificate (CA Bundle)


Assuming you have an ezywebhosting service with us, follow these steps to install your SSL Certificate and its Intermediate Certificate, which will complete the secure chain.

  • Log into cPanel and navigate to Security > SSL/TLS Manager > Manage SSL Sites.

  • From the Domain dropdown, choose the domain for your certificate, then click Autofill by Domain

  • Copy and paste in your Certificate: (CRT) (including the BEGIN and END lines), replacing what's already in the Certificate: (CRT) field.

  • Paste in your Private Key: (KEY) (including the BEGIN and END lines). Leave this as it is.

  • Copy and paste your new Intermediate Certificate or Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) (including the BEGIN and END lines), replacing what may already be in that field.

  • Click Install Certificate.