Transfer Domain TO ezydomains


If you intend using our name servers to serve your domain's DNS, it's best to do the following first:

  • Log into the Client Zone HERE
  • From your Dashboard, select DNS Zones > Manage
  • Use our DNS Manager to create a zone for your domain and replicate all of your existing DNS records to it.
  • Now you will be safe to request the transfer of your domain to our management, resulting in a seamless transition with no downtime.

NOTE: This is only necessary if you intend to use our name servers. If you plan to use alternate name servers, these first steps are not required and you can simply move on to the transfer process without issue.


Transfer your Domain

  • From the top menu of our website, select Order > ezydomains > transfer your domain
  • Enter the domain name into the available field, complete the 'spambot verification', then click Check
  • If the domain is available for transfer, you will have the option to place an order for its transfer.
  • Depending on the domain type, you may need to pay a renewal fee as a part of the transfer process. However, all .au domains can be transferred free of charge, unless they have less than 30 days of active registration remaining, in which case, the regular biennial (2 year) renewal fee will apply.
  • Select your options and click Order.
  • On the order form, enter the EPP Code (also called the Domain Password, Auth Code, UDAI or Transfer Secret)
  • If you intend to use our name servers, you won't need to make any changes. If you'll be using alternative name servers, enter those in the available fields, being sure to replace ours for yours.
  • Select Update Cart
  • Ensure that the domain registrant details are correct (if not, add a new contact).
  • Add any additional information and select "Complete Order".

All .au domain transfers take approximately 2 days to complete. All other domain name transfers take 5-7 days to complete.