Cisco / Linksys SPA500x Side Operator Console


The Cisco Side Operator Console is only available for use with certain SPA model handsets, such as the SPA962, SPA525G etc.


  1. Log in to the Web Configuration Menu of the handset

  2. Click Admin  >  Advanced  >  Att Console

  3. Select Yes from the Unit 1 Enable dropdown list. If you have two SPA932 units installed, also select Yes from the Unit 2 Enable dropdown list.

  4. Select Asterisk from the Server Type dropdown list.

  5. Select No from the Test Mode Enable dropdown list.

  6. For each extension to be monitored, you must enter a string similar to the following, where 12340101 is an extension's 8-digit SIP username:


    fnc=blf activates the Busy Lamp Field function

    +sd; provides one button Speed Dial functionality

    +cp; provides Call Pickup functionality

    sub=12340101@; tells the handset and voice servers which extension to interact with

    usr=12340101@; relates to the user of the extension, and

    nme=Boardroom gives that user a common name to display on the handset itself

  7. Click Submit

  8. Finally, reboot the handset


The Line/LED that you've just set up will display the following behavior, dependant on the state of the monitored extension:

  • If the extension is idle, the LED will be GREEN

  • If the extension is in use, the LED will be RED

  • If the extension is ringing, the led will blink RED


Note that you can also replace an extension's 8-digit SIP username with a phone number, eg, 0291231234 or 0420123456, or even 00112555123456 if you regularly call a particular international number.