Cisco / Linksys SPA Range Handsets

In the Control Panel

To activate Shared Line Appearance, more commonly known as BLF, do the following:

  1. Click into the extension you want to have publish its own presence.

  2. Click into Provisioning and SIP.

  3. Select Extension publishes its own state.

  4. Click OK to save

On the Handset

To set up SIP presence on a Cisco/Linksys SPA942 (firmware version 6.1.3(a) or higher), do the following:

  1. Log in to the Web Configuration Menu of the handset

  2. Click Admin  >  Advanced  >  Phone

  3. Scroll down and find the Line Key Extended Function section.

  4. Select Asterisk from the Server Type drop-down list.

  5. For each extension or user to be monitored, you must set up a separate configuration on one of the Line Key fields.

  6. Change the Extension to Disabled.

  7. Enter a Short Name. This will appear as the label next to the button on the handset's screen.

  8. Change Share Call Appearance to shared

  9. In the Extended Function field, you must enter a string similar to the following:


    fnc=blf; activates the Busy Lamp Field function.

    sub=12340101@; tells the handset and voice servers which extension to interact with

    usr=12340101@; relates to the user of the extension, and

    nme=Boardroom gives that user a common name to display on the handset itself

  10. Click Submit

  11. Finally, reboot the handset

The Line/LED that you've just set up will display the following behavior, dependant on the state of the monitored extension:

  • If the extension is idle, the LED will be GREEN

  • If the extension is in use, the LED will be RED

  • If the extension is ringing, the led will blink RED