Android Outlook App - Configuring for ezyexchange


To add your account in Outlook, do the following:


  • Open the Outlook app on your device.

  • Assuming this is the first account to be added, press Get Started, and type your full ezyexchange email address and press Continue.

  • If your account type is not recognised automatically, you'll be able to select the account type. Tap Exchange.

  • Now enter your password and description, eg, ezyexchange, in the relevant fields.

  • Now tap Done in the top right corner.

  • If the automatic setup fails, you can enter the settings manually.

  • First check that the email address you've entered is actually correct. If it is, tap Advanced Settings and complete the fields with the following:

  • Server:

  • Domain\Username: EXCHANGESERVER

  • Check everything you've entered, then tap Done in the top right corner.

  • Setup should now be complete and you can begin using the Outlook app with your ezyexchange mailbox.


To add another account, eg, an IMAP account, do the following:


  • Open the Outlook app on your device.

  • Press Settings in the upper right corner, select Add Account, then Add an email account

  • You'll now step through the process as outlined above, being sure to select the correct account type when asked, eg IMAP.

  • If you select IMAP, you will need the various settings for that account from your provider and these will need to be entered manually.