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  • Email to/from SMS Messages
  • Send and receive SMS Messages within your email client such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Send Bulk SMS Messages
  • Send broadcast SMS Messages to a large audience of recipients with ease.
  • Personalized SMS Messages (or SMS Merge)
  • Similar to mail merge, CSV file information can be merged with SMS Message templates.
  • Users can personalize SMS Messages for each recipient.
  • High throughput SMPP carrier connection, ideal for instances where high volumes of SMS Messages must be sent and delivered quickly.
  • Possible to assign an alphanumeric sender ID to each SMS Message.
  • Supports GSM 7-bit and UCS2 Unicode encoding allowing you to compose your SMS Messages in many different languages.
  • Send and receive SMS that exceed the maximum character length limit of a single SMS message (160 GSM / 70 Unicode characters). We will automatically break the long message into multiple short messages for you.
  • Compose your SMS and schedule it to be sent at later time. This is ideal for situations where SMS should be sent at a specific date/time.
  • Sender ID Branding where outgoing SMS can be branded with a Sender ID of your choice (normally your company name or product name).
  • Subscription Lists allowing subscribers to opt-in to the subscription list and receive promotional SMS.
  • SMS Sweepstakes for promotional marketing campaigns that give your customers the chance to win a prize. Engage your customers, increase your brand awareness and improve your customer loyalty.
  • Text Responses allows your customers to request information on demand by texting a keyword to a short code. This lets your customers text to receive instant details, links to web sites and links to download apps.
  • Mobile Coupons; a great way to drive your sales. Support for static and unique coupon codes, text coupons, web coupons and Apple Passbook coupons.
  • Web Widget for Subscription List, letting you potentially reach more people than you would through SMS alone.
  • Outlook Mobile Service; see more HERE
  • Do Not Call List to remain compliant with Australian federal anti-spam laws.
  • Blacklist checking; prevent ezycloudsms from sending SMS to these phone numbers.
  • Whitelist checking; override the blacklist in case the consumers occur in the Do Not Call List but they expressed consent for sending SMS to them.
  • Template Libraries where you can store reusable SMS Message content in public/personal template libraries. The libraries allow users to categorize templates into different folders making repetitive communications quick and accurate.
  • Address Books provide public/personal/shared address books for users to organize their contacts and distribution lists.
  • Routing/Forwarding Incoming SMS Messages where incoming SMS can be automatically routed to individual users by Email or SMS.
  • Forward Incoming Email to SMS Messages; see more HERE
  • ezycloudsms API, allowing your applications to be integrated with ezycloudsms to send SMS as well as to query outgoing and incoming SMS that are transmitted through the system.
  • Configure your user accounts with different access rights.



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