Creating a Fax Extension

With almost all of our access plans, we provide a bonus extension in your quota for use as a dedicated ezyfax service.

To create an ezyfax extension, do the following:


  • Log into the ezytel control panel and click Add Extension

  • Give the extension a high number to keep it away from your voice extensions, eg, 999 or similar.

  • Fill in all of the required fields, being sure to add your email address, otherwise fax notification will not be sent to you.

  • Choose Phone Terminal as the extension type.

  • Tick the Choose extension roles and phone numbers checkbox and click OK.

  • On the next screen, be sure you tick Extension is multi user aware.

  • Set an incoming phone number for this extension by clicking an available number from the left hand box in the Incoming Phone Number Selection section of the screen.

  • Tick Select extension type parameters and click OK.


Now you'll configure the extension to use as a fax extension. You'll leave all of the voice features disabled, and simply enable the fax capabilites.


  • Set "Call Waiting" to ON by ticking the box. This will enable your ezyfax line/extension to send and receive multiple simultaneous faxes.

  • Set "Enable fax center" to ON by ticking the box.

  • Set "Accept faxes sent by email to" to ON by ticking the box.

  • Add your own email address, and any other email addresses you will use to send outbound faxes to our servers.

  • If you would like to have all incoming faxes sent directly to your email inbox, set "New received fax notification" to "send fax by email".

  • Now complete the other fax settings to suit your needs.

  • Set the "Fax automatically answers after" time setting to 1 second. This will help your ezyfax line/extension to act exactly as a dedicated fax line.

  • Click OK to save your settings.


Finally, if you haven't done so already, you need to assign a phone number (DiD) to your ezyfax line/extension.


  • Click on your newly created ezyfax extension, then go to "Permissions and phone numbers".

  • You'll see a list of available DiDs assigned to your account.

  • Make your number selection for your ezyfax service, click OK, and you're ready to send and receive faxes.


For a tutorial on how best to use your ezyfax service, CLICK HERE