Changing the Default Music-On-Hold (MOH)


You're at liberty to change your on-hold music to suit your needs. However, you must ensure that the music you choose to upload is royalty free, otherwise both you and we, as your provider, could face stiff penalties from both the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) and the Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) for public use copyright violations.

  • log into the control panel
  • click Unified Communications > Sounds > Folders
  • click Add Folder and give the new hold-music folder a name, eg, Your-Company-Name-MOH and click OK to save
  • click Up Level > Add Sound
  • give the on-hold music a name, tick both This is music on hold and select the folder you created from the dropdown
  • select the music file in either wav or mp3 format and click OK to upload and save it (it will also be transcoded during this process)

Finally, you'll need to perform the following step for each extension ...

  • click into an extension to be updated, then click Setup .. eg, Phone Terminal Setup or Queue Setup
  • find Default music on hold folder and click the sound icon to the right of its field
  • click the folder you previously created from the options presented, then click x at the top-right of the dialogue box to close it
  • scroll to the bottom of the page and click OK to save the change

Remember, these final steps need to be completed on each extension if you want the new on-hold music to be consistent across the entire hosted PBX.