Email to SMS


In the ezycloudsms control panel, ensure you've set your account to use Dynamic Number.

Secondly, ensure that the email address you're using to send to our system, is the same email address associated with your ezycloudsms account.

If you need to send to our system from more than one email address, be sure to create a new user under your account using the alternative address. You can also do this for other staff members.

Remember, you are allowed to create an unlimited amount of users under your account, all of whom can use the pool of SMS credits you've purchased.

Now, simply send an email addressed like this ...


or the easier option ...


You can use either the subject field or the body of the email to send your message. (Don't use both, otherwise you're using valuable characters by potentially doubling up on some of what you send.)

Once received by our system, the email will be converted to an SMS and will be sent to the mobile phone number contained in the address.

You'll then receive a delivery receipt, whether the delivery is successful or unsuccessful.

And perhaps best of all, if the recipient of your message responds to the number used, their reply will be delivered straight to your inbox.


IMPORTANT: You will be charged one (1) credit for every 160 GSM* or 70 Unicode+ characters or part thereof.



* GSM character set

+ Unicode character set