Buying ezytel Call Credit


Refer to your original service configuration email. This includes a unique, account-specific ezyrecharge code which you will need to use when purchasing call credit.

If you've misplaced your original service configuration email, you can always view it in the Client Zone from the My Emails tab on the Dashboard.



If you've received a warning email from the voice system that your available pre-paid call credit has dropped below your minimum threshold, simply log into the Client Zone, and the do the following:

  • From the left-hand menu after logging into the Client Zone, click  Tools > VoIP Services 

  • You'll now see your VoIP service(s) listed. Click View Stats alongside the service you want to recharge.

  • The Client Zone will now query our voice servers in real time. Be patient; this will take between 20-30 seconds to complete because of the amount of data being collated.

  • Once the Client Zone has gathered all necessary information, you will see an overview of your account's usage.

  • You will also see that your ezyrecharge code has been pre-entered and you can choose a preset ezyrecharge amount to purchase from the dropdown at the bottom of the output.

  • Make your selection, then follow the normal steps through our Shopping Cart to complete your purchase.

  • For security purposes, your order will be reviewed by a team member, but your call credit will normally applied within about 15 minutes of your order being completed.